Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated. – Confucius

Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated. - Confucius

Life is really simple” – Whether you believe this or not, life is extremely simple, and it’s the way we perceive it that makes all the difference. Although there are a lot of people among us who misinterpret a simple life to be stagnant, and thus, they tend to move to things that would make their lives happening.

However, in the process, we often forget the fact that it is none other than us who take all the hassle and make it even more complicated. To almost all of us, life is a mess and it’s full of anxiety and complications. However, that’s not what it is, until and unless we perceive it that way.

Remember that life is a riddle and the answer is hidden somewhere inside the same question. All you need is to go through the question again and again so that you can actually figure out the answer to it.

We are the ones who are bothered about every people’s opinions. Why can’t we approve ourselves and don’t pay a heed about what others think about us? Does that really make sense when others appreciate you for wearing a dress? Definitely not! It is you who is wearing a dress and you need no one’s approval but to think about your own comfort. Life is not complicated, it is only we as the human beings who are complicated.

There’s no point in building mountains out of those molehills. It is only we who decide to read between the lines. It’s good to do so, but make sure that you are not complicating the things.

We say that life is hard but is it actually so? We tend to blame life and people around us, while we forget that it’s the way we see the life that makes us feel that it is hard. Cutting off those complications from your life isn’t impossible. All you need is to start seeing yourself at first.

Often, we get into different habits and don’t even bother to notice. That’s when we do all the mistakes. Take a pause and start noticing those little habits. You may not even notice them but changing them for the good will affect your life immensely.

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