Someday your pain will become the source of your strength. Face it. Brave it. You will make it. – Dodinsky

Someday your pain will become the source of your strength. Face it. Brave it. You will make it. - Dodinsky

You might have to bear a lot of hardships in the path of your life but then again, it is the pain that is going to make you stronger day by day.

You will probably not be able to learn that much if you get anything and everything that you want within the reach of your hands.

It is only when you are hungry about something that you truly get up and try acquiring that!

At times, your pain is going to teach you the biggest lessons of your life that you would have probably never understood if you would have got everything handy before you.

Make sure that you are not behaving like a coward but you are rather very confident and have the courage to face anything that comes across you!

You should have the potential in the guts to face all the obstacles because it is only when you face challenges that you know how to deal with them.

You cannot learn anything if you are not encountering it. Everything cannot be taught only through books and theoretical lessons but it is when you practice them in your real life that you will know the essence of those theories.

You might have gone through a lot of hardships, and maybe, life has been extremely unfair to you at different points of time.

However, it is only when you reciprocate back with a strong will power that you make life understand that you are not going to accept your failure so soon!

Going through the pain, you will probably be able to learn a lot of things that you have otherwise never known if things have gone smoother in your life.

Instead of complaining about the situation that you had to face, start appreciating them, for they have brought you this far and it is only because of the circumstances that you have learned this much which would never have been possible without going through the pain.

Instead of nagging about the pain or keep talking about the difficulties that you had to face anyway, start embracing them even more and you are definitely going to love it the way it is!

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