Hurting someone else will not ease your pain. – Anonymous

Hurting someone else will not ease your pain. - Anonymous

At times, when we are too angry or hurt from deep inside in our hearts, we just keep on saying anything without even thinking, or without even trying to think about the other person. It is essential to understand that we shouldn’t be doing so!

Our pain won’t decrease by hurting someone else, isn’t it? We know it is easier said than done, and at that particular moment, it gets really difficult to control our feelings and emotions, but you ought to do so, provided that you want to ease your pain.

Just be calm and stay quiet, and things are sure to fall into their respective places all by themselves.

When you hurt the other person, it does not heal your own wounds. Although we often end up doing the same thing and hurt others, thinking that the same might heal our own wounds, but in reality, that isn’t actually the case.

When you hurt someone and think that it would probably make you feel better, that doesn’t actually turn as such. You should have the potential to understand that life has its own turns, and hurting someone else will no way decrease your own pain.

Instead, down the line or after some time, you will probably start feeling the guilt within you for behaving as such.

Remember that the words that are once spoken can never be taken back. You cannot get back those words once you have already dispatched them out of your mouth.

Hence, you should have the potential to handle each and every situation wisely, and even if you are hurt, try to do things that will eventually lower your pain without behaving in a rude way and hurting others.

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