If you see someone without a smile, give them one of yours. – Dolly Parton

If you see someone without a smile, give them one of yours. - Dolly Parton

If you see someone without a smile, better give them one from your end. It is essential to understand that you should always give a smile to someone who doesn’t have it!

This is a way of depicting that you might be a happy person going around, with stocks of reasons but at the same time, you will probably find a lot of people around you who are sad and disheartened.

You must always have an intention to help others and lend your happiness in order to ensure that you can share your happiness with them.

Remember that you can never be happy alone. You ought to share your emotions with others. 

If ever in your life, you succeed and you feel good, just have the gesture to share your feelings with the people around you, so that others can also enjoy the moment and feel happy with you.

This is because your happiness would no way be decreased by sharing, rather you will start feeling even better.

In case you see someone without a smile, be the kind of person who would make the other people around feel even happier. In case you ever see someone who isn’t happy, try doing things that can make them feel better.

In life, we are taught one thing right from our early childhood, and that is, “sharing brings joy!” It is rightly said and one needs to apply the same in his or her life as well.

In life, you should feel blessed to know that you have all that you ever wanted. Consequently, when someone else doesn’t have it, feel good too, to share the same with them as well.

When you see someone who is disappointed or depressed, try to console them instead of making them even worse.

You must try to spread happiness among people around you, and that would eventually increase your happiness too!

You will feel better when you know that you could be successful in making someone else happy! This is certainly a reason that will make you feel even easier and better.

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