Sometimes it’s better to just remain silent and smile. – Unknown

Sometimes it's better to just remain silent and smile. - Unknown

Sometimes it is better to remain silent because even silence is a powerful expression. Complete silence is actually a much more powerful expression than words. We must keep in mind that sometimes in order to save beautiful relationships and also to win futile debates, it is important to remain silent for the common good.

Silence also lets us introspect ourselves and rectify our mistakes by focusing on the present with the lessons from the past. We must keep in mind that we have nothing to prove to anyone but ourselves.

At the end of the day, the opinion given from the core of the heart is what actually matters to us. We should also be polite to others and try to help people in distress. This will essentially seal a better emotional bond between people and make this place a happy place to live in.

Moreover, in today’s world, fights and debates are very common these days. There is no peace in today’s world, but only rush and anxiety. Sometimes people misunderstand us, and in order to save a beautiful relationship from getting destroyed in seconds, we must keep aside our ego and think from our hearts.

The language spoken from the heart is never a lie. Ego is just a three-letter word that can destroy a beautiful word relationship. We must give our best to apologize in a few cases, even if we have not done anything wrong.

We should also smile because it not only acts as an effective natural antidepressant but also lifts the shroud of happiness from ourselves and our lives. This also makes us a better human being.

Building a strong moral is essential and necessary, as well. It says that smile till you have teeth. History has witnessed several people for whom age is just a number, and they even today continue to live life in a state of bliss.

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