Never regret anything that made you smile. – Mark Twain

Never regret anything that made you smile. - Mark Twain

Retrospection or reflection of the past often makes us guilty of things that had occurred. Many of us even regret certain events or people who did not have the impact that we expected from them. But it is important that we realize that there are different phases in a person’s life, and not all of them work out the way we plan it.

Even if things didn’t go the right way in the long run, we should be grateful for the fact that the person came into our life or that particular event happened. You can take lessons from experience and move on. If we retrospect deeply, in all probability, we will be able to come up with a moment when what we might regret now had caused a smile.

One should believe that everything happens for a reason. Regretting anything that made you once smile actually brings about negativity and takes away your ability to see the positivity in situations that come your way in the future as well.

It can take away from your ability to work your best because you might spend a lot of time thinking about all that had gone wrong and how a person, or a particular event could have turned out differently.

Even if our encounter with a person did not last as long as expected, but if they did make us smile or make us feel happy, then those moments should be remembered as little treasures of life. The little moments cause significant changes in us unknowingly and shape us into who we become.

We should be grateful that a certain event occurred, or a particular person came into our lives rather than being resentful about it. Such an attitude brings positivity that renews energy into our daily actions making them more fruitful.

Instead, consolidate your efforts into making others smile because there is no greater joy than making someone happy in whatever way you can. Often little gestures are remembered more by people than monumental efforts. So, if you have any little way to spread joy and happiness, do so without thinking twice or contemplating if its enough.

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