When you want to succeed as bad as you want your next breath, then you will be successful. – Eric D. Thomas

When you want to succeed as bad as you want your next breath, then you will be successful. - Eric D. Thomas

Before we actually dive into the context of being successful, it is important to understand what ‘success’ actually is! Well, the definition of success isn’t the same to everyone. While some consider success to be equivalent to power, others count it to be equal to wealth. You may also want to pose a positive impact on your life, and that’s also a success!

So, the perspective varies from one individual to another and that’s what matters! Well, keeping aside your point of view, let’s see how to achieve this success. There’s no particular formula to gain success.

Success is intangible but to gain that, you ought to be extremely focused and determined. You know your goal, right? Just keep walking towards it. The major reason for which a lot of us get annoyed is because we lose our focus midway.

Of course, there will be obstacles and distractions along your way, but a person who has ever achieved success is the one who has never seen it that way. He/She has always remained focused towards the target without allowing the deviations to intervene in his/her path.

It is important to hold that same level of determination throughout the time you reach your goal. A lot of us fail to taste success not because they lacked the ability to attain their target but because they lose their determination.

You will see obstacles but do not let them lower your focus. When you want to succeed, you should keep your goal intact and thus, keep working to achieve it. You should crave for success as much as you want your next breath.

Suppose, you have been drowning and you want to inhale that oxygen as it’s your life savior. In the same way, a person who is crazy for success will eventually achieve it. You should be craving for success immensely. Do not pay any attention to the world around. Just focus on your goal and keep working hard.

You should dedicate yourself as well as your time to achieve the target. Only if you are crazy about reaching the goal and think that you have no other work or thought apart from that, you are sure to achieve success. If you can feel that true burning desire of success, you will be successful. No matter even if it needs some time, you still will get there!