The best revenge is massive success. – Frank Sinatra

The best revenge is massive success. - Frank Sinatra

When you are on your way of life, you will see a lot of people. They will come to your life and leave a mark on it. Some people will enter your life to make your life better. Some people will come to make your life to give you a view of your life, to teach you ideologies, philosophy of life.

We all have such good people in our life. They come in as our parents, friends, Life-partners and more. There are very fewer people who are trying to make things better for everyone.

However, some people are going to backstab you, tell foul things about you; there will also be people who don’t want to see you succeed, especially when you are succeeding before them.

Therefore, this kind of bad people will go to any extent to defame you, they tell the world how bad you are, and you know the best part? A lot of people who already know you better than them will still believe what they are listening to. This way, in a few days, there will be an army of people who will stand against you.

Now in such a scenario, most of the people will break down, and they will become shattered. Some people don’t even have the ability to gather enough courage to get up and fight back again.

However, you should always know one thing. And that is, the best revenge you can get, and the best thing you can serve to these people who have grown immense disbelief in you over time is your massive success.

Success is the only way to shut these people up, and it is the best revenge to shut people up always and forever. Never think less of yourself, your best is yet to unleash. So get up again, fight back to serve them what they deserve.