Whoever is happy will make others happy. – Anne Frank

Whoever is happy will make others happy. - Anne Frank

Spreading happiness to the maximum is a very easy task, but it is actually not so! You can only spread happiness when you are happy from inside. If there is a lot of negative vibes that are already lying inside you, the similar kind of thoughts will gradually be spreader among people around you as well.

However, when you feel happy about something, you will be able to make others happy too! It is not always about being introvert or extroverted when it comes to spreading happiness. You can only spread happiness when you think about others and try to spread the good vibes and good thoughts that you have within yourself among the rest of the people.

If you want to make others happy, learn to be happy yourself at first. If there is a lot of sorrows that are lying within you, you will never be able to make others happy with that! It is all about what you feel yourself through which you will be able to influence others.

If you are happy for yourself, your thoughts will reflect the same, and so are your words. If you yourself is duped in sadness, how can you expect others to feel happy about it anyway?

Another important aspect over here is determining your way of happiness. Not everyone has the same way of measuring their happiness. While some of the people get happy by getting a lot of success and achieving something that they have always been craving for, others get happy just by seeing their family members happy.

Also, there are people who become happy on serving others, or by following their passion and even by doing something for the sake of the society.

Thus, all these things actually matter based on how one takes it! The moment you get happy by yourself anyway contented with whatever you have achieved or is doing with your life, the same will be reflected in your thoughts and your speech as well.

Once you are full of yourself, and you are happy, making others happy will get easier! This is because your way of looking at things will alter and eventually, you will have a much-simplified sight at things going around you. Gaining happiness is nothing exclusive. It is extremely personal and none other than us can ever sketch our factors or components of happiness.

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