The only thing we have to fear is fear itself. – Franklin D. Roosevelt

The only thing we have to fear is fear itself. - Franklin D. Roosevelt

Life is never easy! Each day gives us a set of challenges that we need to encounter and withstand. In life, if ever you need to fear anything, that’s nothing other than fear itself. You may see a lot of troubles in your life. But, you should be wise enough to face all those challenges with all your guts.

When you fear, that’s when you fail to find solutions to your problems. The moment you see trouble and start to panic, that’s where you meet failure. You should always try to analyze the trouble and try to figure out solutions to it. Stay calm and composed and find ways to fight the situation.

The moment you start being afraid, you lose your grip over the situation and that makes things worst. You should never let the situation control you. Instead, you must have your control over the situation.

Be wise enough to control things that are in your hand, rather than the troubles ruining you. Fear the fear and you are done! The moment you drive away the fear, half of your battle is won right there!

When we start to fear, we become nervous and confused. We lose our control over the difficulty and thus, start losing our hope to get better. We shouldn’t do so, by any chance. Live life to the fullest and do good! That’s what you are meant to be!

Give your best and leave the rest. We can succeed in our lives only when we are calm and relaxed. A situation when faced with patience and calmness, will surely see good times ahead.

Remember that even if it’s a bad day today, it will never be the same forever. It’s only you who can change things for better, and your attitude plays a big role to it!

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