Time and tide wait for no man. – Geoffrey Chaucer

Time and tide wait for no man. - Geoffrey Chaucer

Time and tide wait for no man. Time will never wait for anyone. No matter if it is a good time in your life, or if you are going through a bad phase, time flies. It won’t wait for you, despite anything!

Everything has to happen according to its own clock. Many a time, we neglect the flowing time and we think that it is going just like that! Time has to flow, and it will! You cannot help it anyway.

The only thing that you can do is to make sure that you take an opportunity that remains folded in each and every moment that you miss! Hence, you must respect each and every moment that comes into your life, and thus, welcome it with all your gratitude.

Consequently, it is essential to understand that opportunity doesn’t wait for anyone.

Both time and tide wait for no man, which means that just as the waves do not wait for anyone; in the same way, each and every moment has got significance, and it wouldn’t wait for anyone by any chance.

This is why it is taught from our early childhood that we should learn to take benefit from each and every moment.

Many a time, we waste time and think that it is not a big deal until and unless that moment is already gone and we have no other job to do but to regret.

As a result, you should behave wisely and make sure that you are capable of taking advantage of each and every opportunity that comes along your way.