Time and tide wait for none. – English Proverb

Time and tide wait for none. - English Proverb

Time and tide wait for none; this old adage has been extremely popular since our childhood days. We have heard it for years and it is now that we know the real worth of time.

It is essential to understand that time waits for no one. The clock keeps on showing the time according to its own speed. Hours and days go away and they wait for none. No matter how many excuses you have, they would still not wait. 

Likewise, both good and bad times pass away as they are meant to! In the same way, you must know to get hold of an opportunity without letting the time fly away while you are busy doing nothing.

Remember that time will keep flying away, and the wise people will always be ready to ensure that no opportunity is left out.

On the other hand, the tide waits for none. The resemblance of the tide is done with that of time. The sea waves do not wait for anyone, isn’t it? The alternate motion of the high tide and the low tide keep on continuing without waiting for anyone.

In the same way, time keeps on flying away. Your excuses would never prove to be valid and thus, it is absolutely futile to give on excuses later on once the moment has already passed away.

The wise people will continue to devote time to the right moment, and thus, capture every opportunity that comes along the way.

Often, we leave certain jobs thinking that we would settle them later. One must not do so! You should have the wisdom to understand that time will fly away, and you will not get this same time back again.

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