Love is not what you say. Love is what you do. – Anonymous

Love is not what you say. Love is what you do. - Anonymous

Love is one of the most magical emotions that humanity has ever experienced. Love contents all the needed elements to heal someone internally. True and undiluted love is not only a blessing but also an eternal gift from heaven.

True love should be nurtured and given time to grow and spread. True love cannot be tamed or hypnotized as per our choice. True love is actually hidden in our actions. People who genuinely care for each other should also try to understand each other completely.

This will not only seal an effective bond but also help us in knowing each other well. Unconditional love, if experienced in its true form, is one of the most valuable things which one can ever experience in his or her lifetime.

No wealth of this world can buy undiluted and unconditional love. True love is hidden even in the smallest actions which one does for the person who he or she cares for. This can be taking your loved one for shopping once a weekend or just buying her some flowers.

If we look at the materialistic significance of these things, we find that these are just small and unimportant. Whereas if you look deeply into this matter and analyze the emotions, we can find that these little deeds are actually the most significant.

Often, we hear about a lot of promises and saying when we ask someone to express their love for us. If we observe carefully, we will find out that the people who actually love us say less and do more for our comfortable living. This is just priceless. Emotions from a true and a genuine heart is actually a treat.

A perfect example of this is our mothers. Our mothers always stand beside us and help us in everything without saying a word. Love should be visible inform of actions and not just words. Love can be only truly explained in little actions of ours which depict it genuinely.

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