Life doesn’t have to be so planned. Just roll with it and let it happen. – Jenny Han

Life doesn't have to be so planned. Just roll with it and let it happen. - Jenny Han

Life doesn’t require to be planned always. It is important to understand that life is unpredictable. Things will never turn up as you have thought them to be! There will be times when situations will go absolutely against you, but that’s fine.

Even hard situations would teach you a lot of things, and you will be inculcating a lot of values from the lessons, and use them later on. It is essential to understand that life doesn’t need to be so planned. All you need is to roll with it and let things happen accordingly.

You should have the wisdom to understand and perceive situations as they are! You must have the potential to handle the issues, and go along with the flow. Life will never go according to your plans.

You will come across several strangers and unknown situations who will turn up to your friends or your foes, and there will be another set of people who will go away from you all of a sudden whom you never expected to do so!

You will have to encounter different situations and you will have no clue about them beforehand, but again, that’s life.¬†There is no syllabus for life’s exam. Things do not take place as you think they would, you will have to face different unwanted situations too!

At times, you may feel as if the whole world is against you, and there’s no one in your favor. However, a person who is capable of witnessing all of those circumstances yet does not feel low is the only one who is going to succeed at the end of the day.

There are times when things will not turn up as per your thoughts. You will have to understand the reality that life will have its own plans set for you.

Hence, there would be situations when you will have to roll as per the circumstances and let things happen as per they are supposed to!

You must move with the flow. You cannot push each and everything and force them to occur according to you, isn’t it? You will have to wait and be patient to understand things and they would automatically fall in their places.

There will be circumstances when you have no other option other than to wait! Be there, just move with the flow, and let things turn up accordingly.