Your future needs you. Your past doesn’t. – Anonymous

Your future needs you. Your past doesn't. - Anonymous

You must not mix your future and your past altogether. It is important to understand that everything happens for a reason. If you ever had a bad experience in your life, there’s no point banging your head for that!

You must be wise enough to understand that you have got a good life ahead, and you should count each and every single day as an opportunity for you. Your past lessons will teach you things so that you do not repeat the same things all over again.

You must have the wit to understand that your future needs you, and you must have the potential to deal with things as they come.

A lot of people hang over their past baggage all throughout the rest of their lives, but that’s not how things are tackled. You should understand the reality and accept the past, but at the same time, you must also get yourself going!

Life moves with a flow, and there’s no point in being stagnant at just a particular place. You must be wise enough to deal with things, and see how the future looks. Certainly, your past will teach you, but there is no point in repenting about it.

You should always be the kind of person who takes lessons from the past and keeps on walking ahead.

Your past will teach you a lot of things, and instead of holding onto the mistakes that you have made earlier, and keep on crying over the spilled milk, you should have the mind set up to incorporate the lessons in the coming days of your life, and thus, keep going!

Learn to understand that you can create your future even better, and it is all up to how you do things. Hence, instead of nagging around, you must be the one who is there to take the challenges and look forward to the future.

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