You have to get up every morning and tell yourself ‘I can do this.’ – Julie Johnston Ertz

You have to get up every morning and tell yourself 'I can do this.' - Julie Johnston Ertz

The biggest problem in life lies within none other than us. It is important to understand that we should get up each and every morning and try to tell ourselves that we can do this!

We often end up meeting with failure not just because we are not suitable or fit for that particular job, but rather, we fail because we accept the defeat much before we have actually tried.

We need to have a fair understanding of the reality of life and how things work! One needs to realize that we should start our morning every day on a positive note.

We must get up every morning, and then tell our own selves that we can do this! We need to understand that it is only when we have faith in our own abilities that life will turn out to be easier for each one of us.

We should start each day with a good amount of energy, so much so that we are capable of encountering all sorts of situations that come along the way.

At times, we keep on suffering due to inferiority complexes such that we assume that we are not fit for a job much before we have actually tried it out. You need to understand what you can say about it without even making an attempt.

Know that half of your problems lie within your mind. Your thought process or rather the way you think tells a lot about you as a person. It defines your character as well.

You have to get up with a smiling face every morning so that you do not seem to be duped in sorrow by any chance. Always be cheerful and active, and that will make both you along with everyone else around you happy.

Try to find happiness in each and every little thing that you do. Take a moment and help yourself acknowledge the fact that real happiness does not lie in materialistic pleasures but it lies in several abstract aspects of our own lives.

Try to find joy in the work you do, focus on being good to others and that shall come back to you in return.

Believe that you are a pretty soul and there’s nothing that you can do. Read good things and focus on hearing positive things, and you will feel blessed in all that you receive!

Keep yourself motivated and try to find inspirations in others and make yourself believe that with true dedication and hard work, you can achieve it all.