The starting point of all achievement is desire. – Napoleon Hill

The starting point of all achievement is desire. - Napoleon Hill

Desire is a strong feeling of wanting to achieve something. Desire also refers to the wish for something to happen. It is indeed true that the path to achieving something starts from desire. Every goal can be achieved if you have a strong desire for it.

It is easy to fake around in social media and that’s what most people are up to these days. It is important to have a desire, and only then will you be able to achieve great heights. In order to make sure that you reach a goal, you ought to have an urge to set that goal. You cannot expect to accomplish something if you haven’t ever dreamt of it.

The reason for the above theory is very simple. If you do not have a strong desire for the work, you will not put enough efforts to achieve your goal. We face many obstacles in our life to achieve a certain goal. A strong desire helps in overcoming those obstacles.

Doing something under pressure and not loving it is very stressful as well as the results are not fruitful. Loving and wanting something is very important for achieving your goal. This can be understood clearly by our personal experiences. If we think clearly about the things which we have achieved in our lives, then we will notice that everything behind it had a strong desire.

Every big and small achievement needs a strong desire, or else it will be impossible to excel in the task. For example, a student scores better marks than his previous test because either he wanted to rank in the class, or he is competing with one of his friends. A ‘strong will’ to do a specific task is very important for the accuracy and speed of completing it.

Every major and minor action we perform in our life on a daily basis like waking up from sleep, eating and dieting, going to school or work, exercising and going to the gym, learning something new, building a business etc. needs a desire.

Desire gives you the motivation and energy to carry out your work and excels in it. But a weak desire, daydreaming or just mere wishing is not enough to achieve your goal. You need a strong desire for that to happen.

Actually, a strong desire for achieving something is like a “mitochondria for a cell”. It means a strong desire gives you the fuel you need to carry forward your task. Without this fuel, you cannot carry out the mission, and even if you complete the task, you will not achieve much.

If you have a strong desire, you put all your attention and efforts to achieve your goal. This is why it is said that the starting point of all achievements is a strong desire for it.

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