May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears. – Nelson Mandela

May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears. - Nelson Mandela

As we tread along the journey of life, we are faced with different choices after which we need to make decisions. Some of the decisions have a significant impact on our lives.

Sometimes we do not even understand how a particular decision might completely alter our lives all together, but this unpredictability is what makes life interesting after all.

There may be many challenges that we face in life but we should always look ahead and march forward. Positivity and hope are very important elements that give us the energy to face whatever comes along.

While making these choices, some considerable amount of thought needs to go in before we make the final decision. Make sure that when you make these decisions or evaluate your choices, you do so with hope and optimism.

You should not let your fears overpower the decision because that will only keep you away from trying out new ventures in life. Also, be practical in your choices.

While it is important to explore the unknown bear in mind what the consequences could be on you and others around you. But you should not overthink the consequences as well. It is difficult but equally important to strike this balance and be hopeful about what lies ahead.

As you go along the journey of life, you yourself should be happy and content with your choices. It should truly reflect what you actually wanted to do. Even if you had to take a different road than what you had initially planned, you should be directed towards the same goal that you had in mind.

Derive courage from within and when required from others around you but always be steady enough to face those that makes you afraid. Only when you overcome your fears can you truly achieve what you want.

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