Successful relationships are made from two people, not one. – Nicole Addison

Successful relationships are made from two people, not one. - Nicole Addison

Successful relationships are always made out of two people and not just one. This is because when we call a successful relationship, we count both the partners in a relationship.

No matter if it is a relation of two friends, or just two partners, a husband and a wife, a parent and a son, or any other, we count both the people in that bond.

A successful relationship implies the effort made by both the people in every possible way. When a relationship succeeds for quite a long time, it simply means that both the people were trustworthy and loyal enough.

Successful relationships are not made out of just one person. Each of the people in a relationship is going to matter, and you should not be the only one making all the efforts.

One needs to remember that a relationship is a both-way deal, and the efforts of just a single person cannot change much. If it is only you or the other person trying to make things work, it would not be possible by either of you to continue the bonding for a really long time.

You must know that the two people in a relationship are much like the two ends of the same thread. If you want to keep the thread being held, both of you would have to give your efforts and thus, hold onto it.

You cannot just release the string and accept things to fall in place. It is no way possible. Both your efforts will make the difference, and if any of you two will release the string, the other person will get hurt.

Besides, when you are in a relationship, you need to understand that there would be ups and downs, but you ought to keep aside your ego and give your best at every shot.

At times, you will be required to sacrifice, and there is no equality all the time. There would be situations when you will need to make sacrifices as well.

However, in order to make a successful relationship, you will consequently need to compromise at times, yet not mind doing so!

No one person can put all of himself into the relationship and expect it to work out, that is simply not a possibility. At times, things will be difficult, but it is when you put a joint effort that things would automatically fall into their places.

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