We’d achieve more if we chased our dreams instead of our competition. – Simon Sinek

We'd achieve more if we chased our dreams instead of our competition. - Simon Sinek

As we grow up, as human beings we get inspired by those around us. We get inspired by those whose lives we aspire to live one day. We develop idols and follow our own set path to success. As we move on in this journey, we realize that many others also have similar dreams and that the resources we need to achieve our dreams are actually limited.

This springs competition within us that makes us become fierce in our quest to achieve our goals. To keep up with the competition, we often surround ourselves and cloud our minds with negativity which in turn affects us. It takes away from our hope and optimism to succeed and many of also get derailed from the right path.

Here, we should be prudent about our judgment. We must learn that competition will only limit our potential. Even though the resources are limited, some of us will attain our goals. To do so, we must pursue our goals with passion and dedication.

We should try to find a solution to the problems that come our way. When we ultimately reach our goals, this journey of ups and downs will make our success sweeter. The lessons we learn along the way will shape us into better and mature human beings who are mentally stronger and have the resilience to chase their dreams.

Therefore, do not let anyone discourage you or derail you from your path to success. Do not let competition limit you but let your dream fill you with the passion that you strive to remain on the right path and attain success.