Die with memories, not dreams. – Anonymous

Die with memories, not dreams. - Anonymous

Life is truly lived when one makes the most of each day. It is important that we do our duties towards those whom we are responsible for. It is also important to explore the world in our own very way.

Some of us like to spend time with friends and family while some of us like to travel alone and discover new places. There are also many of us who want to do both and strike a balance. Work hard and strive to fulfill as many wishes you have. Learn to dream and make them come true.

We seldom realize that life is short and every opportunity we get should be seized. Therefore, it is very important that we make memories while we can. Enjoy every moment to your fullest. If you need a quiet moment, soak yourself in that.

Making most of each moment does not necessarily mean that you need to always be happy or have fun. But it is important that you emerge yourself in whatever you do in every moment. These good memories will also keep you going and help you face difficulties that one is bound to have in life.

Do not leave things for the future. Live in the present for you never know if the plans you are making for the future is going to materialize or not. You should not later think and regret the fact that you did not do something really wanted to.

You should see to it that you do your best to realize your dreams and not let them wear away along with you. Plan ahead but live in the moment. In that way, you will dream, and you will make memories making your life fulfilling.

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