Dream your dreams with your eyes closed, but live your dreams with your eyes open. – Anonymous

Dream your dreams with your eyes closed, but live your dreams with your eyes open. - Anonymous

Dreaming is one of the essential parts of our life. If someone doesn’t dream, that person has very little ambition in his life. Therefore, having some dreams in your life is very important.

It will not only help you to achieve success in life, but it will also make you a passionate person. In case if you don’t have a specific dream in your life, there is very little possibility that you will accomplish success.

Besides, dreaming is something that will strengthen your character. Hence, the best thing that you can do is not to stop dreaming. Once you stop dreaming, that day will be the last day of your life.

However, you have to make sure that dreaming only will do no good for you. You have to make sure that you are giving the required dedication to achieve your goals.


You need to craft a precise plan which will help you to reach up to your destination. You have to work quite hard, or else you may fail in your life.

You will find that there are numerous people who only dream big and talk big. But if you want to convert your dreams into a reality, you have to work on it. You must prepare yourself so that you can achieve your goal without any issues.

Apart from that dreaming will bring a lot of good to your life. For instance, you will become more dedicated to your goal. And, while achieving your dreams, your character will witness an improvement. To be precise, character development will happen to you.

Therefore, never stop dreaming about what you want in your life. One day you will find out that you have achieved your desired goal. And that day will be the day when you will consider dreaming as one of the most important things in your life.

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