If they do it often, it isn’t a mistake; it’s just their behavior. – Steve Maraboli

If they do it often, it isn't a mistake; it's just their behavior. - Steve Maraboli

If anyone does something often to you, just remember that they aren’t committing any mistake. It’s just the way that they have learned to behave. Yes, that’s very true! The way a person behaves is what they have learned through all the years.

Many a time, we feel as if they have done something unknowingly, but it is high time that you should know that things are never done without any awareness. It is just the way that they have known to behave with others.

The way or person acts usually reflect the behavior and the kind of personality that he or she owns! It is important that you are able to acknowledge the inner person just by witnessing the behavior of that individual.

Too often, we think as if that person has made a mistake, and thus, we should forgive that individual. Make sure that the more you keep on tolerating, the worse it will become. Talk about abuse and harassment, and it is essential that you take a stand right on the very first day. The same goes for strangers as well.

Let us suppose that you met someone at a party, and you were highly annoyed with the kind of behavior that he or she had upheld before you. Give it a chance, and make sure that you don’t try having many terms with him/her.

This is because that person hasn’t been like that for the sake of a mistake. You should be wise enough to realize that it is the kind of behavior that he or she has owned. Besides, it’s not just once that they have behaved; likewise, it is the way that he or she behaves frequently.

How can something so frequently be just a mistake? Try to accept the fact the behavior of others, and act accordingly. If it is worth staying, you should be there, else leave!

If it is so often, do not be a fool to misinterpret that as just a mere mistake and go on forgiving him or her for the things that they have done knowingly. Hence, your expectations from such people will hurt you, and thus, you should focus upon staying away from them.

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