You can’t base your life on other people’s expectations. – Stevie Wonder

You can't base your life on other people's expectations. - Stevie Wonder

It is very important to acknowledge the fact that expectations at some point or the other will definitely hurt. We must be prepared to face any life situations with determination and courage, this will not only help us to tackle any situation in life but also give some much-needed courage to face our problems boldly.

Remember that we are the result of our own choices and therefore we should decide for ourselves. We cannot live our own lives based on someone else’s decisions and opinions. It may be good or bad in the long run, but what is more important is that we should take decisions for ourselves.

Another essential element to gain happiness is that people should expect less from others. We should only expect from ourselves. In the long run, one can witness that people tend to differ from their promises and words. Therefore, it becomes a necessity to absorb the shock which they give us when we expect the least.

We should always feed our minds with positive thinking and make the best possible use of time to learn more. Everyone should try to analyze the thinking patterns of others and act accordingly to avoid deeper attachments and bonding with anyone.

It is also very important to give ourselves the much-needed time to introspect our own ideas and thinking. We should start from the basics and guide every action with logic. 

Sometimes, we offer people our right pieces which they don’t even deserve. Actions done without proper thinking and analysis will only result in despair and disappointment.

Remember that each one of us is facing new problems in life and every situation is actually very different. Note that life is meant to be lived. It is useless to drain our own energy by thinking what others will think about ourselves. It is essential to living our own lives based on our rules and ideas.