Don’t change for anyone. People will love you for who you are, or you don’t need them in your life. – Anonymous

A very important lesson in life is that we should always live our own lives. The founder of Apple once said that we should never live someone else’s life and thus waste it. We must be informed of the fact that we have nothing to prove to anyone except ourselves.

We ourselves are the most beautiful creation of God, and we all are his children. God has never differentiated us or asked to change ourselves for the sake of others. It is necessary to know that the right person will always believe and trust us irrespective of our changes for them.

The person who will truly love will always guide us and try to improve ourselves and never change ourselves. It is necessary to know that the right person cares for us and is frightened to leave us. They shall stand beside us in our thick and thin.

They actually love us unconditionally and want to see us succeed at all spheres of life. They will help us to value and realize life in its true terms. Life is a journey and not a destination. We should never change or transform our originality in order to impress someone.


People must value us by our worth and our talent. It is futile to follow others’ opinions ahead of our own opinions. We should remember the fact that some people come in our lives to teach us a lesson where some come to stay with us throughout our lifetime. They can be your friends or your loved ones.

Actually, changing for others is ignorance, and we should never commit it because we are not born on this planet to impress others. We are here to work hard on ourselves and train us on how to survive this tricky world. It is important to know that we don’t need each and every person that crosses our life. Actually, we need a very small fraction of it.

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