I asked God for strength, and God gave me difficulties to make me strong. – Unknown

I asked God for strength, and God gave me difficulties to make me strong. - Unknown

Difficulties in life basically resemble the challenges that we encounter on a day-to-day basis. Challenges make us stronger. Without challenges, we wouldn’t have grown stronger. Being strong doesn’t mean muscular strength. It depicts our inner fortitude. Challenges come in many forms and they make us, shape us and gift us with what we are today.

For some, challenges might be doing good at school and getting good grades, while for others, challenges mean doing great at work and meeting up all the financial requirements. For the rest, challenges might mean surviving the present.

No matter what the challenge is, all you need is to do well at it. Facing a challenge is the key to it. You need to do well at each moment. Value the moment you have in hand and do not let the opportunity run away. Only when you do better today, you can expect a better future tomorrow.

Challenges and difficult situations prepare us for our lives. Only when we are in some crisis, our motor nerves start functioning and we start thinking out of the box. We would have never done so, while being in the comfort zone. Therefore, it is essential to understand that you will face challenges in your life, but do not let them break you.

There could be no greater teacher to you in your life than those difficult situations. They build and nurture you so that you get stronger. God gives us difficulties intentionally. Learn to face them with all your guts. Those situations will make you stronger.

You may make mistakes in life but eventually, you will learn from them and do better in the upcoming days. Life is all about learning new things. You won’t do the best at the first shot. Never mind, that’s okay! Take lessons from your mistakes and promise yourself not to repeat the same.

It is rightly said that when we ask God to give us strength, He gives us difficulties. This is because it is God’s way of teaching us. He puts us in difficult situations so that we can learn from those circumstances and grow stronger.

Strength means physical and mental tolerance. When we continue facing difficulties and obstacles in our lives, we automatically learn to combat those situations. This is how God teaches us. He pulls us out of our comfort zones and conduct tests on us in a real-time scenario.

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