Don’t ruin other people’s happiness just because you can’t find your own. – Unknown

Don't ruin other people's happiness just because you can't find your own. - Unknown

Do not ruin the happiness of other people only because you cannot find reasons to be happy yourself. Too often, we are not contented with our own lives, and that’s when we have a tendency of looking into other’s lives.

Learn to accept the fact that you might have to encounter a lot of unfavorable situations in your life, but that does not make you anyway different from the others.

All successful people had to overcome the hurdles, and only when they could get through the obstacles that things happened to be good in their lives.

Do not ruin others’ happiness for you aren’t happy yourself. It is essential to understand that happiness lies only when you think of others. Hence, you should always focus upon making attempts to make others happy, and you shall find yours amidst all of it.

If you are after ruining others’ happiness just because you didn’t find yours, you shall behave none other than a selfish soul.

Be kind and compassionate to others, for you shall be satisfied than ever only when you see smiling faces ahead of you.

We usually learn after materialistic pleasures, forgetting the fact that the real happiness lies in living life to the fullest, and trying to be happy for other people.

You ought to understand that only when you try to be a reason for someone else’s happiness, you feel a different kind of satisfaction within yourself all over again.

You need to embrace life as it comes! You should not be the kind of person who is nagging about it all the time, rather be happy with all that you have, and focus on being contented with all that you own.

Know that you have got a long way to go, and frustrations will never help you do great things. Thus, the only way to achieve great things in your life is to be happy, and keep others happy too.

Try living the life with a positive vibe and a motto to help others, instead of having an intention that revolves around your own selfish needs.

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