Have faith and trust the process. – Unknown

Have faith and trust the process. - Unknown

Almost all of us have a dream in our minds. However, many of us do not even try to pursue it, as they think that their dreams are too big to be true. There are a lot of people who want to make things fall apart, to have a steady life with family and friends, but they do not try, because they fear how tough and exhausting it is for the people who are trying.

These are the people who have never tried it, but they will give you advice stating how tough it can be for you if you try because they have seen people getting tired of trying, and how you will eventually end up doing nothing, achieving nothing.

Never listen to those people. Yeah, we all know how tough it can get, we all know how exhausting it can get. But then again, we all know how happy the ending will be once we have achieved our dreams.

The process might be tough, the things you have to go through might be heart-wrenching, the roads leading to your dreams might be harsh, but one thing is for sure.

That is, if you try your best and endure all those pains you will experience with faith and trust in the process, everything will eventually fall in place, according to how you have always wanted them to be.

Not how the people discouraging you telling how tough it is have sorted it out. So, no matter what, just stick to the battleground with faith and trust in the process.

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