When TRUST is broken, SORRY means NOTHING. – Unknown

When TRUST is broken, SORRY means NOTHING. - Unknown

When trust is broken, sorry means nothing, and that’s very true!

It is essential to understand that it takes years to build up someone’s trust, and it takes not less than even a single second to break it down.

When trust is broken, sorry doesn’t mean anything at all. It is important to realize that you should always think multiple times, and only after you are aware of the pros and cons, should you decide your action.

This is because once you break someone’s trust; you cannot expect a “sorry” to build it all over again.

Trust is a lot similar to a mirror. You ought to keep it carefully. Once the mirror falls down, and it breaks, no matter how much you try, the scratches on the glass will still remain. Hence, you need to decide before doing it.

The moment you shatter a heart, no matter how many “sorry” you say, and how many attempts you make to mend it, nothing in the world will be able to fix those broken pieces and rejoin them all over again.

You need to be wise enough before acting, and make sure that you do not do anything that betrays the other people around you.

Always think before you act. Do not break someone’s trust for no expense is enough to rebuild it.

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