Trust God. He is fixing the situation you are worried about. – Unknown

Trust God. He is fixing the situation you are worried about. - Unknown

Trust in God, and things are sure to fall in places. Know that the journey of life has its own forms of landscapes. You cannot expect everything to work in your favor all the time.

At times, things might seem to be extremely difficult, and you might feel as if you are good for nothing. This is when you need to stay calm and hold your patience.

We all are the children of God, and he would never allow anything to happen for our harm. He is constantly watching, and if the current situation isn’t in your favor, it is only because God wants to test your faith.

You might be worried about the circumstances that you are in, and that’s quite obvious, too, at your end.


However, learn that God is there to fix all the uncanny situations for you. He will make things fall in their respective places really soon.

When you seem to be too nervous or confused about how to handle a situation, just make sure that you give your best, and then leave the rest in his hand.

Have faith and believe that all that he does is for your own well-being. Trust in his actions, and he will surely be the torch-bearer for you.

Do not lose your patience; just keep going as he shows you the way! Believe that he will do things for your own benefit, and nothing to hurt or harm you by any chance.

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