Never forget who helped you out when everyone else was making excuses. – Unknown

Never forget who helped you out when everyone else was making excuses. - Unknown

In life, we see both good times as well as bad times. Life has got both ups and downs but it is important to understand that not all the people in your life will stay by your side in both the times.

You may see a set of people who rejoice with you in your happiness but leave your side when you are stressed out and filled with sorrow. On the contrary, you may see another set of people who will clap for you when you are at the top but at the same time, they will support you when you are duped in sadness.

These kinds of people you should never lose. They might not have gifted you the best of the gifts on your success, but they have always been a constant support to you when you actually needed them by your side.

Some people will witness your downfall but do nothing. They will move into their own ways and give excuses to you. However, do not lose the ones who stayed beside you in your failure. You are lucky if you have the people who support you and motivate you when you lose.

Remember the people who had helped you when you were witnessing the darker side of your life. Their deeds and sacrifices are remarkable and you should definitely not miss an opportunity to pay them back.

If not today, you should definitely return their gratitude someday later. They are those beautiful souls who have helped you and stayed beside you and motivate you. They are your well-wishers who have helped you at a time when you weren’t helping yourself.

They hadn’t done anything in return of any expectation. They believed in you when you were refusing to believe in yourself. You should always be grateful to them and leave no opportunity to help them when they would need you.

However, you should also remember the ones who made excuses at the time of your downfall. Mark them so you shouldn’t be fooled by them ever again.

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