Overthinking – the art of creating problems that weren’t even there. – Unknown

Overthinking - the art of creating problems that weren't even there. - Unknown

It is true that overthinking always creates lots of problems in our life. It’s in human nature that we take every tiniest piece of a situation and analyze them until we are crazy. We take a small, simple situation and try to make it more and more complex. Overthinking always scares us, confuse us and brings unwanted obstacles in our way.

Overthinking encourage our mind to think about all kinds of negative aspects of a situation, which most of the time don’t really happen. It only influence us to think more about useless things and keep us away from doing something right.

However, thinking about something delays your ability to do any kind of work. It is your brain that does not want you to do any work or anything that will move you from your comfort zone.

All you need to do is think less and do more. Life does not wait for anyone, and if you waste your time on thinking, you can never achieve what you want. And it also gets harder and more complicated with the time.

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