Don’t quit. God is about to do something BIG in your life. Don’t give up. God heard your prayer. – Unknown

Don't quit. God is about to do something BIG in your life. Don't give up. God heard your prayer. - Unknown

Even if you are going through several hurdles, make sure that you do not quit. It is important to have faith in God and his ways. At times, we lose hope but that is when we make the biggest mistake of our lives.

It is essential to keep on working hard and not giving up. When you continue working without fearing anything, no matter how many hurdles and obstacles you had, you are still going to win the battle.

It is essential to understand that God has always got greater plans than you could ever think of! Do not quit because God is always there to do something bigger. His plans are way greater than yours!

The biggest mistake that we ever do is to give up. We should always keep faith in our abilities and keep on working hard despite all the hardships that we encounter along the way.

When we work hard, we automatically perform well, and even if we don’t, we learn lessons that help us perform good in the years to come.

Remember that God always hears our prayers, and no one else can ever think better than he does! The Almighty is always there watching you from the sky above and he will never disappoint you no matter what you have got to face through the years.

It is essential to understand God is there, listening to each one of our prayers. There are times when things do not go well in our lives, that is when you need to have faith upon his decisions and trust in him.

God also checks whether or not we actually rely on him. Life isn’t easy ever! Things go in an up-down graph but the ones who know that God is there watching us, are the ones who are going to succeed in the long run of life.

You should learn to realize that lessons and mistakes help us work better in the future. It is when we commit mistakes in our lives that we know the paths that we hadn’t deciphered before that!

Life is nothing but a bunch of lessons, and one who makes a mistake and learns from it, thereby ensuring the fact that he isn’t repeating the same mistake all over again is wise enough!

You must also have the potential to learn from your mistakes, and do good in the future, thereby assuring yourself that you are not giving up. These challenges would ultimately help you win the battle in the long run of life.

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