If they don’t see the value of having you, don’t try to convince them. – Unknown

If they don't see the value of having you, don't try to convince them. - Unknown


If they do not see the value of having you, then do not try to convince them either. At times, we count certain people very close to our hearts, but that’s not the case with them.

We might count them as our ‘dearest’ but they don’t think the same for us. That’s when we start expecting too much from them, and when our expectations are not addressed, we tend to feel shattered.

Learn to accept the reality and know that not all people will love you. There will be certain situations when people will not pay attention to your concerns. Learn to accept it, and do not get yourself hurt in the process.

Know that not everyone will like you, and that should not be your concern either. Accept the fact that there will be people who will never like you, no matter how hard you try!


However, it is not your job to please them all the time. Let them think what they want, and make sure that you are right at your place.

In case you ever feel that they do not see the value of having you, do not try to convince them. There’s absolutely no point in trying to convince people to have you in their lives.

You cannot compel someone to admire you, isn’t it? If that has not been your fault, and you still think that these people are disliking you for just no reason, learn to walk away from their lives.

It is essential to have enough respect for yourself. You need to understand that when someone doesn’t want you in his or her life, you can easily be able to sense that from their actions.


Just try to notice all that they say and do to you, and you will be able to realize that they do not want you in their lives anymore. That’s when you should learn to walk away from them.

Accept the fact that it is better to leave the place at the right time rather than tolerating any disrespect from them.

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