Sometimes people are removed from your life to protect you. Don’t run after them. – Unknown

Sometimes people are removed from your life to protect you. Don't run after them. - Unknown

At times, we tend to run after people just as they leave us. It feels as if there’s no life after that, and everything will end right there if they leave!

However, you need to understand that sometimes you would need to let people go from your life. Chasing them won’t give you anything in return, and thus, you should let them go. You cannot keep anyone in your life forcefully, isn’t it? That’s simply not a possibility.

If you run after them, you might get them back, but they would just be physically present with you. It’s just like staying with a corpse if that person is not ready to be there with you.

Therefore, the best idea is to remove them from your life, and God does so to make sure that your life is protected. Make sure that you are not running after them.

At times, people are removed from your life because you could not hear the conversations and the intentions that they had! Thus, the Almighty removes them from your life to make sure that you remain safe and protected.

If you keep on running behind them, you would probably end up losing a lot of other essential things in your life. Hence, make sure that you aren’t chasing people in your life. God has removed them, for he had a better plan for you.

Therefore, make sure that you trust God and his reasons. Once you are able to decode his reasons, you will only have faith in yourself and on the Almighty. Remember that chasing people won’t yield you much. Therefore, you must better understand what you all are up to!

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