Let your past make you better, not bitter. – Unknown

Let your past make you better, not bitter. - Unknown

We all have a history. Some of us have witnessed a painful history, and some of us have seen the right history. However, we should come out of our past. The best thing that you can do is to live in the present. It is the best way to craft your future.

We can understand that your past was nit up to the mark. But don’t let your history to take control over your present life. Or else, there is a possibility that it will ruin your future. If you mourn over your past, no one can help you to get the desired success in life.

Well, one thing you can do is to make your past the tool of your success. Try to learn from the past and apply your experience to construct your future. And if you cannot do that, the best thing is to forget your past and start new.

To be precise, your past life shouldn’t be the reason for your failure. You should not give that importance to your past that it absorbs all the energy from you. So, try to make use of your history positively.

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