When something is gone, something better is coming. – Unknown

When something is gone, something better is coming. - Unknown

There are times when we might have craved for certain things in our lives, but then, unfortunately, those particular things do not come to us. We might have longed for that since a long time, but our fate didn’t seem to be in our favor and we lost.

This happens, and you ought to accept it some way or the other. When something is gone, there’s no way you can keep chasing it for the rest of your life. It is essential to understand that you might have things destined for you until you are actually able to discover them.

However, things might not have gone according to your wishes, and it’s gone. In such a scenario, you need to accept the reality without allowing yourself to keep nagging about it all the time.

When something is gone, you must not feel low. You should still continue to have faith in yourself and your abilities. Make sure that you rely on the almighty and understand that these are parts of life.

When something is gone, let it go! Just try to make yourself understand that maybe it wasn’t meant for you. Be assured of the fact that there’s something greater than that coming along your way. You probably deserve a lot better, and that’s what is on the way.

Had you been contented with this much, you would not have seen all that is meant for you. Therefore, you should make yourself realize that you deserve much better, and thus, you should not be settling for anything lesser.

If things are meant for you, they will come to you. All you need is to hold your patience and have enough faith in yourself.

The moment you actually have faith in you and trust in God, things are going to fall in their places all by themselves. Just accept the reality, keep working ahead, and move ahead.

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