Don’t get discouraged by what you’re going through. Your time is coming. Where you are is not where you’re going to stay. – Anonymous

Don't get discouraged by what you're going through. Your time is coming. Where you are is not where you're going to stay. - Anonymous

Life is full of hustle-bustle, and it would never go smooth, but that is what is known as the ‘beauty of life.’ You must never get discouraged about all that you are going through!

It is essential to understand that each and everyone has their own clock and things happen as they are meant to! One may have been going through a bad time now, but that doesn’t mean that he or she will continue having that bad time for the rest of their lives.

Many a time, we end up losing all the hope and start blaming ourselves. It is important to gather all the courage in this moment of crisis. This is when you need motivation and inspiration, as you cannot lose a battle without even fighting for it, isn’t it so?

You must have the wisdom to understand that it is just a bad moment or a bad phase of your life that you are going through, and thus, you cannot go on blaming your entire life for just those couple of days.

You should make yourself understand that it is essential to keep your head high and not allow your spirits to go low. Your time is coming, and you have good days ahead.

Just as the sun rises all after the sunsets and the darkness gets over, in the same way, you might have been going through the darkness now, but you are sure to witness the sunrise next morning. All you need is to have patience and wait for your time to come!

You might have to face a lot of hardships through this journey and there is also a possibility of you encountering different kinds of criticism from people around you, but do not allow any of them to hinder your spirit.

You should have the attitude of winning every situation no matter how hard it is! Remember that it is just a bad time for you and you will have to fight with it anyhow.

You are not given the choice to escape the situation and thus, you are supposed to stay there and get over with it till the good times come up.

Consequently, you must know that you are not going to spend all your life in the same phase. You aren’t going to stay right there all your life.

Hence, it is just a part of your journey, and you need to motivate yourself to bear with it by all means. It is all about the one who fights with it, and wins it rather than the one who breaks down and escapes from it!

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