You only fail when you stop trying. – Unknown

You only fail when you stop trying. - Unknown

At times, we consider ourselves to be a failure and start thinking as if we are good for nothing. It is essential to understand that we don’t fail like that; we fail only when we stop trying. We fail the moment we refuse to get up.

It’s okay to fall down every time you try standing up, but the fact that you have been trying makes you stronger. It is important to understand that you will never be tagged as a ‘failure’ if you have been failing multiple times, but you will fail the day you do not feel like standing up all over again.

Remember the big names in any industry, no one has gone successful in just the first attempt, they had put their efforts a multiple-time, and only when they have witnessed repetitive failure, they got a surprise with success one fine day, only because failure could not stop them from trying again and again. The same goes for you too!

Just as the old adage goes, “Failures are the pillars of success,” it is important to understand that each and every time you fail, you discover new ways.

This is because when you fail, you get lessons, and you come to know what went wrong that made a barrier for you to achieve the success you have always craved for! Hence, you should never allow failure to stop you from dreaming, and most importantly, acting.

No matter how many times you fail, but history would be created when you win! Keep on putting all your efforts and trying to make your dream come true! Your failure resembles the amount of hard work and dedication you have been putting into it in order to pass.

Did you learn walking on the very first day you were born? No, isn’t it? The same goes for achieving success as well. Keep trying, and you are sure to reap the harvest one fine day.

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