Stop being nice if it breaks you. – Unknown

Stop being nice if it breaks you. - Unknown

Stop being nice if it breaks you. Too often, people take advantage of our good side and they betray us. It is important to understand that there’s no point trying to be with people who are just with you to break you.

Undoubtedly, you shall meet a lot of people in your life who will be there with you only because you are nice. They would take benefits from you when you are doing good in your life but they shall be leaving your hands when you are at your lows.

Stop being nice to others, if at all, it breaks you. There’s certainly no point staying with people who are just there like parasites, doing nothing, and harming you. If it breaks you, you need to stop being good to them.

Why stay with such people if they break you? These people are certainly similar to that of the parasites who are just there to extract the nutrition from the host body, and for them, you are nothing but the host body to provide them that nutrition they have been looking for!

It is high time that you stop being nice if that is the only thing that is preventing you from succeeding in your life. At times, we get harmed only due to the fact that we have been too nice to others.

You should stop being nice if that is harming you instead. Indeed, the world is full of critics, and with such hypocrites all around, it is really tough for the real souls to survive.

It is difficult for them to be around people who do nothing but just take advantage of others. These people are solely meant to take a benefit of your moment of crisis, and thus, deal with it accordingly.

Such people will always be there to break you, as that hardly matters to them. All that they are bothered with, is to see how their selfish reasons are being met.

They only know about their own ways, and they won’t mind doing even the worst of the tricks to position you in the wrong place. These people are only concerned about hitting you at the back and thus, put you in a fall position.

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