You’ll see it when you believe it. – Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

You'll see it when you believe it. - Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

If you truly want to see it, you need to believe it. This is clearly evident from the fact that no matter how science has evolved over the years, even the learned of the men believes in the existence of God.

There are times when you question yourself, and you aren’t able to make out things, but the moment you start believing it, things become simpler and easier before you.

You cannot see anything when you do not have your faith and belief upon it. The moment you acknowledge its existence, you are sure to feel it around you.

Not all things are physically present around us, there are several things that remain abstract, and you know that it exists only when you believe it.

In the same way, have faith in your capabilities. You can do even better when you have that self-belief within you. Of course, you need to keep working in order to achieve something in your life.

However, a lot of people accept defeat only because they fail to realize their potentials. Likewise, you need to believe yourself, and once you do so, you will eventually be able to see things falling in their own places all by themselves.

The path of life will get smoother each day, and it would gradually become easier for you to keep walking upon it. It is necessary to remember that there cannot be any true understanding of the present without the knowledge of the past.

Hence, it is good to remember our past mistakes and correct them. Being successful is actually a state of choice because anyone can be successful if he or she has the courage to face difficulties and will power to succeed.

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