Once you do something you love, you never have to work again. – Willie Hill

Once you do something you love, you never have to work again. - Willie Hill

Once you do something that you love, you will never have to work again, and that’s absolutely true. If you are living a life that is far away from your dream, if you are doing a job that is way different from the one you have ever thought of, things would automatically appear to be a burden for you.

It is not possible for anyone to drag a load for a really long time until and unless you have actually fallen in love with it. If you are doing something just for the sake of earning and survival, you cannot really do it for a really long time.

This is because you do not love the job you are doing, and you aren’t living the life that you want to, you are only clinging onto it for the fact that you need to pass through the time and assure your bread and butter for that time being.

You will hesitate to wake up each morning and reach your office, and you would just wait for those 9 working hours somehow, so that you can get back to home.

On the contrary, once you fall in love with the work you do, you will never count it as a burden to you. You will love going to work and you won’t mind spending extra hours over there if needed.

This is because you love the profession you are in, and you do not hesitate or feel that unwillingness in doing that for late hours. You do not run away from it, instead you seem to embrace it more.

You will consequently do better in that profile and you will eventually have greater chances to grow over there. You will not feel like working, rather it will appear as if you are following your passion.

Therefore, if you ever want to do better in the sector you are in, try loving it more. You may even choose to draw all your efforts in following your passion and make it your dream job so that you never feel like working again.