When eagles are silent, parrots begin to chatter. – Winston Churchill

When eagles are silent, parrots begin to chatter. - Winston Churchill

Both eagles and parrots are birds but there is a mighty difference between the two of them. It is often seen that people who are strong are usually compared with the flight of the eagles.

This is mostly because the eagles are considered to be more powerful yet stay silent while flying high into the sky. People who do not boast of their capabilities are seen to be compared with that of the eagles.

They are the ones who believe in doing good but keep their words in their mouth. They perform more and speak less.

On the other, there is another group of people who keeps on chattering like parrots yet do nothing. This is not the good part of the story and one should never do it. You should believe in focusing upon your work and settle it with utmost determination and dedication.

This is how things work! You should be the kind of person who talks about things only after having achieved them.

Although boasting is a kind of character that tends to sustain within people from their very first upbringing. It is important for one to remain down to earth and do great things without boasting of them unnecessarily.

You should be the kind of person who gets appreciated by people for their works. You must never talk about your own deeds and take the credits for nothing.

Parrots begin to chatter which means that they are always engaged in declaring their own brighter sides without being able to do good in the real sense. You should be the one who believes to be an eagle by doing great things and achieving heights.

Let others talk about you instead you talking about your own self. Strong people are wise enough at the same time and that’s probably the primary reason for their success. You should be one of those who talks limited, yet make no compromise in your performance.

Have faith in your potentials and keep working hard without declaring your own capabilities beforehand. Once you start doing well, you will hear your name being called out by others. Try being one of those kinds and you are sure to succeed.

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