Those who are silent do not say nothing. – Spanish Proverb

Those who are silent do not say nothing. - Spanish Proverb

Those who are silent do not say nothing which means that there is a long meaning hidden somewhere, even within the silence.

You ought to understand the fact that silence speaks volumes and even if you say nothing, you actually tell a lot.

Too often, we keep on saying words but we forget to understand that words aren’t enough all the time.

There are several situations when we would not be able to make someone understand our feelings or emotions just by the words we speak. That’s simply not a possibility.


At times, we choose to remain silent not because we do not have any words to speak but rather we think that our words won’t be counted. This is when we decide that we should rather stay silent as words would simply not make any sense.

You ought to understand that you may talk a lot, but does that actually make sense, and if it doesn’t, let’s just skip it.

If you are just going along, and are thinking that your words remain unheard, you can rather stay silent and it is often said that at times, silence creates much more noise than the words.

Always believe that you should be speaking only if the people on the other side of the table are ready to hear, or else, it would simply be wastage of time on your end. Stay silent and go on watching till the right moment comes up!

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