The better part of one’s life consists of his friendships. – Abraham Lincoln

The better part of one's life consists of his friendships. - Abraham Lincoln

In school, I have always been a backbencher and when today, when I look back, I never remember those lessons that I was taught then and there. All I do is remember those friends who contributed towards the best segment of my life. Having good friends is a blessing and not all of us are actually blessed with that!

Friends make a large part of our lives and people who are actually lucky enough to have good friends are never compelled to stand alone in their lives. Friendships matter a lot! It is only because of our friends, that we know that we have got shoulders to lean upon even when we have bad days.

Friends build the pillars of our lives. I still remember the time, I got my first job offer and I hugged my friend tightly in my arms right outside the campus. He has been waiting for me since so long. I know, it’s hard in today’s time to get such pure souls, but they do exist!

However, if you are actually lucky enough to have such good friends, do not let them go away from your life. Cling on to them and make sure that they stay!

Friends do not always mean that you need to stay together. I do not stay with my best friend, till the time we have left our high school. We are busy with our own lives. Despite all of that, he is the only person I look up to, when I am stuck in any difficulty.

We always call up each other and plan our holidays to get back to our hometown on the same day, only because that’s the time we give each other apart from the hectic schedule that we are into, for the rest of the year.

Friends contribute a lot to our lives. They are the ones who know us better than ourselves. They prove to be our support systems. They are the ones we can blindly trust upon, even when we are down. Good friends do not mind in guiding us in our difficult situations and thus, help us in the tough times.

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