I walk slowly, but I never walk backward. – Abraham Lincoln

I walk slowly, but I never walk backward. - Abraham Lincoln

It’s said, “Slow and steady wins the race.” Yeah, that’s absolutely true. You do not need to run all the time and be successful in your life. You will be able to reach success not just by rushing all through your way, but you can do that only if you are consistent enough!

Not all paths are walked at the same speed. At times, you would also need to lower your speed and slow down. Therefore, one should be able to adapt himself or herself according to the circumstances, and for that, if at all, you need to be slow, there’s no harm in doing that!

On the contrary, it is important to understand the value of every minute’s progress that you make! Remember that drop by drop makes an ocean, and every effort counts! Even if you are not too fast to perform, if you are steady, you will still be reaching your ambition.

May be, you will not be able to stand first in reaching up to the destination, but it does not actually matter if you could manage in making up to it. Often in a hurry, we overlook the significant information and data and end up creating loopholes in the overall task. A person might be slow, but if he/she is a good observer, that won’t be the case.

Thus, Abraham Lincoln has rightly said that it is good if you are slow but walking. However, make sure that you keep your focus intact and continue moving in its direction. You should look back but only to take lessons from your past and learn from your mistakes.

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