Whatever you are, be a good one. – Abraham Lincoln

Whatever you are, be a good one. - Abraham Lincoln

You cannot mold people to be good, but you can definitely be one! With lots of people around you, you won’t get everyone to be the one of your kind but that’s life! When you can’t make people good, you can always set one example by yourself. Even if you don’t find other people to be your inspiration, you can still choose to be an inspiration for the others.

Life is not about pleasing everyone around you. With so many varieties of people hanging around you, it’s really difficult to please anyone and everyone all the time. All you can do is to be the real version of yourself. Work by ethics and do good to others, the rest will automatically fall in their places.

I definitely agree that it isn’t acceptable when some people lash out at us. However, there are still some people who act as if they aren’t hurt or bothered by what others say to them. I am not the kind of person who isn’t affected by what others say!

Although I act that I didn’t mind what others have said, I still get a bit affected by them. However, there’s something that I truly believe. I know that I should always be good and kind to others. I should be generous towards others.

Of course, I get affected by the action of others. There’s still a lot beyond this! You should not judge yourself by what others have to say about you! Take people’s criticism in a positive way. Don’t let the critics ruin you anyway.

Take things with a smile on your face and learn if there are any lessons in their words or simply let things go! Don’t let them make you weak. You determine your strength. Never allow others to decide what you are!

You should always remain a good person. Be good at your heart. Do good to others and God will do good to you. You will always be rewarded for your actions, if not now, later! Do not let your spirit go down. Do not pay attention to what others say! You do not need to please everyone but be true to yourself!

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