Weakness of attitude becomes weakness of character. – Albert Einstein

Weakness of attitude becomes weakness of character. - Albert Einstein

Attitude is the way you think about a particular situation, and on the way, you approach it and deal with it. Character is the mental, emotional and moral qualities which make up an individual.

Attitude and integrity are the two words that appear similar in a sense but still have differences. They are dependent on each other. Character is changeable. It can be shaped by everything that happens to you throughout your life and the way you respond to everything. And all these changes shape your character.

Your attitude towards life and your response to a certain situation builds up your character. It means you have the power to strengthen or weaken your character.

Weakness in attitude or in other words having a negative attitude weakens your character. For someone has aptly said – “It does not matter if you win or lose a game. The thing which matters is how you respond to it!”

This means one must be humble when he has won a match. And if you lose it, then you must smile and congratulate your opponent and be more motivated and determined for the next match. This type of positivity in your attitude will help you to build a strong character.

Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses. So, while we should continue to build on the strengths, we must also focus on our weaknesses and try to strengthen it. You can strengthen your character by having a positive attitude towards life.

For that, you will have to focus on yourself and learn about your virtues and how they correspond to your life. This is how you can have a strong attitude which will ultimately help you to build a strong character.

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