Don’t share your weakness with anyone. You never know who is going to use it against you. – Unknown

Don't share your weakness with anyone. You never know who is going to use it against you. - Unknown

Never share your weakness with anyone. In today’s world full of hypocrites, we often find people who use others’ weaknesses in their favor, that’s why you should not share your weakness with anyone.

It is important to understand that you might share your weakness with the other person thinking of him or her as your own, and that’s when you tend to do the mess. It is vital to understand that no one in this world is your own.

You will never meet a single person in your life who would be placing you before them. Therefore, you should use your brain wisely prior to deciding what to talk about in front of others.

Too often, you share all your secrets with others, by trusting them but unfortunately, they turn out to be your biggest enemies. You ought to have a clear understanding of the kind of person you are trusting, as it would lead to a hindrance otherwise.

You should be capable enough to identify people rightly. At times, we think everyone else around us to be right but we fail to have the understanding of identifying them correctly.

We are so busy in our today’s lives that we hardly have our soul companions around us during our lows, and that’s when we try sharing our weak points to someone whom we meet randomly.

We end up sharing each and every detail to them without knowing whether or not they are going to use the information against us.

However, there is no lack of cruel people around us who can go on sharing all our secrets to others. Thus, these cruel monsters in turn, use your weaknesses right against you as their only weapons to defeat you. You cannot help it either!

Be wise enough to understand how people are! Never share your secrets to others, and do not be an emotional fool all at once. You may have a golden heart but that does not mean that others have it too!

In life, you will meet a wide variety of people and among them; there are several people who would just play games with you. Make sure that you are not giving them a chance to overtake you in any case.

If you trust them blindly, make sure that they are not using your weaknesses in return to fire back to you. Always use your brain while judging people and that’s important in order to survive.

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