Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will. – Suzy Kassem

Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will. - Suzy Kassem

All of us dream to achieve something in life. This dream is different for everyone and thus makes our lives unique. But there are certain underlying factors which concern us all.

In the journey to achieve our dreams we often feel apprehensive of what lies ahead. We doubt our own strengths and do not trust ourselves or our instincts. This attitude keeps many from achieving their goals which they otherwise would have had the strived to continue.

It is normal to find obstacles in life’s journey, but we should muster up courage in such occasions. We can take inspiration from those around us or from those who are already successful. This motivation can sail us through. But even after knowing these ways, we often doubt ourselves and even those around us.

More often than not we try to push the blame of our obstacles on others and accompanying factors. Instead of this doubting and blame game, we should spend our energy into finding a way around the obstacle so that we can move ahead.

It is only then that we can expect our journeys to be truly fruitful. Life is short so we should make sure that what we do should be worth-while. It is perfectly okay to fail because it is only then that you realize where you went wrong.

It is easier to correct our mistakes than to ponder and doubts the circumstances that we might face. This overthinking also leads to a lot of negative thoughts that can be a deterrent to your gathered motivation.

Therefore, be positive and dream on. Look ahead and be hopeful. Inspire those you can. Derive motivation from those around you. Be optimistic about your life and you will see that you have the energy and mindset to take on whatever comes your way.